ROTC takes to the sky

I shot and edited this video package about the campus ROTC unit riding in Blackhawk helicopters. I have not shot aerial photography or ridden in a helicopter before so this shoot was a bit of a challenge for me.

The Daily Titan

Through a capped lens

While I didn’t edit this video, I shot and directed a majority of it. This is a feature profile on a local photographer and college professor who is legally blind from the AIDS virus and has found peace through his art.

TUSK Magazine

The games of INDIECADE

This video I shot and edited for me and my friends’ video game enthusiast website. I’m super proud of so many of the shots I captured and how the video came together. I’m not so proud of my facial hair.

Pixel Legends

How to download SurveyMe

While not nearly as exciting as some of the other videos’s on this page, creating a video teaching the simple act of downloading an app to a phone tested my skills and patience. I learned so much about After Effects creating this video.